WARNING: This guideline is not complete Getting from the airport to the main campus could be challenging since there is no direct public transportation line that you could use. If you have a lot of stuff with you, it is recommended that you get a taxi. If you pack lightly, you may use the airport shuttle bus in combination with buses. If you are newly arrived, there is a free WiFi available in the airport so that you can contact the driver.


This should be the most convenient way to travel to and from the airport. However, there is a limitation in baggage size that you can take with you. The airport railway was opened in September 2019.

See details here or read in PDF or PDF (long).

The airport to XJTU

By airport shuttle and (bus or subway)

  • Get the airport shuttle ticket (25 RMB: WeChat, Alipay).
    • Ticket counter in T3:
    • Ticket counter in T2:
    • Destination:
    • Ticket sample: airport shuttle bus ticket
  • Go to the correct shuttle bus waiting terminal.

By a taxi

  • Normal taxi fee: 100 - 150 RMB
  • If you can speak Chinese, it is recommended that you book a taxi via Ctrip (Chinese version) application.
  • There are a number of local taxi that can get you from and to the airport, but you have to contact them personally via WeChat. (contacts to be posted)
  • The taxi at the airport is also available, but they tend to charge higher price than normal.

XJTU to the airport

By airport shuttle

  • Go to Jianguo Hotel (at subway line 3, station name: CHANG LE GONG YUAN). From Xingqing campus, you can take the bus line 313 from the bus stop at the south gate (south side, 5 stops) or south east gate (east side, 4 stops). Get off at DONG ER HUAN HU ZHU LU KOU stop.
  • Buy a ticket at Jianguo Hotel and wait for the bus. The last bus leaves at __.

By taxi

  • Use CTrip app.
  • Contact some taxi drivers.

Last Update: September 30th, 2019