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This is the Jiaoda Wiki, almost* everything you need to know at XJTU.

Jiaoda Wiki (former “XJTU Wiki”) is the project to organize information needed for students in Xi’an Jiaotong University. This wiki (What is wiki?) is intended to be collaboratively developed by the community. It shall be freely available to everyone. Everyone is welcomed to collaborate (see contribution guideline).


Get started

  • For new students, please check the new student guide.
  • Wiki structure:
    • THE INDEX: This contains the index to all information available on this wiki and help you get things done.
    • LOCATIONS: Places you need to go are listed here.
    • For special information, see Posts below.

How to reference to this wiki

The online and most updated version of this wiki is available at two locations: https://jiaodawiki.com.

For source code, please take a look at the github repository


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