Welcome to 2019!

In this year. XJTU has a brand new campus, Innovation Harbour (I-Harbour) or 创新港 [pronounced CHUANG XIN GANG], and things has changed a lot. Now there are separated procedures in different campuses. So, be aware that the procedures may vary for different people. Communications wiht your friends, SIE instructors, professors, and supervisor are very important.

At the time of writing this note, the new railway from the city to the airport has opened, and this will surely make transportation from and to the airport much easier for international students! Read more here or read in PDF.

As always, Jiaoda Wiki is open to changes, please suggest in the issue page or simply email us.

As of today, we are updating a bunch of things in the wiki. Here are new things:

  • Updated health verification procedure
  • Various updates on locations: Vanguard,
  • Grading reference
  • XJTU parcel addresses for Xingqing Campus (兴庆校区) and I-Harbour (创新港)
  • Updates on airport transportation.