Last update: 2019.06.08

XJTU do offer on-campus internet service in dormitories.


  • Price: 30 RMB/month
  • Speed: 100/100 Mb/s link, not guaranteed
  • Ethernet interface (LAN socket)
  • Bring your own router (can be bought on-campus, price ranging from 50 to 120 RMB)
  • Students in double-room must share the same account.


This setup guide is simplified version for intermediate to advance users.

  • Connect your router to the wall ethernet socket.
  • Access the router’s configuration menu (usually: on your computer.
  • Configure the connection protocol to PPPoE (not DHCP nor static ip). User the username and password provided by XJTU network center.
  • Your connection should be established. Try connecting to or

Check your remaining credit

login page

  • Input your username and password, then you should be able to see the expiration date as shown below.

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