To apply for the resident permit, health certificate is needed. Usually, the SIE will organize the trip for new students to go to the healthcare center to make the checkups. However, in some cases, students need to go to the health examination center by themselves.

Note that starting from the beginning of 2019. An appointment is needed to process your case which the university will do it for you in advance.

Also, if you need a health certificate for applying to Chinese universities, you can do the health examination here at the Shaanxi International Health Center.

General information

  • Location: Shaanxi International Travel Healthcare Center
  • Cost: 360 RMB (cash, WeChat Pay, Alipay)
  • Documents:
    1. passport
    2. photocopy of first page of passport
    3. photocopy of visa page of passport
    4. photocopy of admission notice
    5. photocopy of JW202 form
    6. 3 photos(white background)
    7. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (original form)
    8. Other Physical Examination documents(if you have)
    9. RMB 400 yuan
  • Time: It will take no longer than half a day. Best time is in the morning.
  • Wait time: 3-5 days after the examination date


  1. Prepare yourself: Don’t eat breakfast. Have enough rest the day before the examination.
  2. Go to the Shaanxi International Travel Healthcare Center and tell them that you want to do the checkup and get a certificate. Proceed with staff’s instructions.
  3. At the end, you will get a small receipt stating the date and time that you can go to the center and get the health record.
  4. Go to the center again to get the health record.


  • You will be asked to draw some blood samples.
  • Urine sample is needed.
  • Be sure to ware clothes that is convenient to take off (for x-rays, ultrasound).

Last Update: September 30th, 2019