This is the guideline for requesting the non-criminal record certificate. To be safe, you should allocate 15 business days for this process.

Required documents

  1. Passport(s) (take all passports you used in China)
  2. Two identical letter from the SIE
  3. Fee: 140 RMB cash only
  4. Highly recommended: some one who can speak Chinese.


  1. Go to the SIE to get the two identical letters from the SIE.
  2. Go to the notary office to begin the process. Explain to them the you want to get a non-criminal certificate. You need to pay the 140RMB fee and they will give you another document [1]. This will take about 30 minutes.
  3. Take all documents to the PSB, make photocopies of your passport (information, visa, and resident permit page) and the document you have got from the notary office. After that, take everything and go to the office on the 18th floor. Room number (???). This process will take one week.
  4. Go to the PSB again, and get the document. Take the documents to the notary office. They will take the document and process it for another 3 business days.
  5. Go to the notary office again to get the final document including the Chinese certificate and translated version of the document.


[1] Example of requesting document from the notary office. requesting document from the notary office

Last Update: February 15th, 2019