This is an unofficial and general guideline on how to proceed with the thesis writing, defense, and degree application.

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Important note

There are two main parties where you can confirm the procedure for your particular case of thesis defense and graduation process.

  1. The supervisor
  2. The school

Important steps

  1. Finish or finalized the research work.
  2. Write the thesis.
  3. Submit the thesis for blind review (two reviewers).
  4. Retrieve the blind-review comments and edit the thesis as suggested.
  5. Supervisor/department/school organize the defense.
    1. Usually 10 - 15 minutes presentation
    2. The defense secretary will organize documents, ask him/her.
    3. There will be questions and suggestions during the defense which you need to edit your thesis according to them.
  6. Submit all defense and graduation materials to the school.
  7. Submit the soft and hard copy of the thesis yo the library.

Material needed

  • Submission deadline (issued by each school)
  • Thesis draft (download files below)
  • Degree application form (download files below)
    (including thesis defense material)

Thesis formatting

  • The thesis formatting must comply with Xi’an Jiaotong University format. The official and unofficial template can be founded below.
  • The temaplate is NOT STANDARDIZED especially for international students, the print shop knows best (they are the ones allowing you to print), consult them.

XJTU thesis template

The package includes:

  1. Microsoft Word’s template
  2. Latex template
  3. Translations of school’s and major’s names

Thesis template

Cover page template

XJTU thesis template on Overleaf

The template is also available on Overleaf. Overleaf is a free, collaborative online LaTeX editor that allows you to write your manuscript in a TeX or rich text environment, to generate PDF outputs as you write.

Overleaf template

Note about formatting

  • The format has been changed since 2018. Any format files older than that should not be used.

Pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • LaTeX template has proven to be useful.
  • If you don’t know how to use Word, it’s a good time to learn it.
  • If you are using Word version of the template, use the automatic formatting.
  • XJTU uses a Chinese national citation style called GB/T-7714-2015, it is standardized. There are many plugins for citation tools such as EndNote, Mendeley, and LaTeX package.

Degree application

The procedure for filling out degree application forms and graduation is different for each school. In some schools, the procedure would be different from department from department.

For School of Electronic and Information Engineering (SEI/EIE)

  • Download the forms (ZIP 148 KB)
  • The form should be used together with hard copy files provided by the school. If you don’t get one, contact Yin Laoshi or a representative.

For School of Electrical Engineering

Generic form (downloaded from GMIS portal)

(more coming soon…)

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