Last update: September 3rd, 2019

This section is made for the new students who are coming to XJTU for the first time in 2019. It is recommended that you go through this document carefully. It should save you a lot of time. To suggest changes, please email us.


Before the arrival

Documents needed

IMPORTANT: This list may not be completed, please check with the officials

  • Valid passport(s)
  • JW202 (Issued by XJTU)
  • XJTU Admission Notice (Issued by XJTU)
  • Passport-sized photos, a lot of them
  • For Master and PhD students: the original highest degree
  • 5,000 RMB for your own expense

Apps you will need

  • Non-optional
    • WeChat
    • Alipay
    • Map application: Baidu Map OR Amap OR Apple Map (iOS only)
  • Optional
    • Air quality reporting: AQ Forecast, AirVisual
    • Translation: Google Translate (text translation works, image does not), Baidu Translate, Microsoft Translate

Reminder at the immigration

You need to fill a clearance form before you get in line to meet the immigration officials. The form looks like this:

Chinese immigration clearance form

The intended address in China should be:

  • Xing Qing Campus: Xi’an Jiaotong University Xing Qing Campus, No. 28 Xianning West Road.
  • Innovation Harbour: Western Science and Technology Innovation Harbour, He Di Road, Chang’an District.

First time in XJTU

Tips:: Here’s a recommended order in the first day: Dorm -> Phone number -> Register -> Bank account

Before the registration

Check into your reserved dormitory first. Registration (at the SIE) is not the first thing you should do.

1. Get a SIM card

  • Option 1A: CHINA UNICOM (@Shop): Go to China Unicom service shop with your passport and apply for a sim card. The account must be charged with 200 RMB at the beginning of service. Some of the staff can speak minimum English.
  • Option 1B: CHINA UNICOM (@Dorm - Xing Qing): You can find a booth on the ground floor of West 8 and 13 dormitory. You can get your SIM card there as well. They are here especially for international students.
  • Option 1C: CHINA UNICOM (@Dorm - Innovation Harbour) - Unconfirmed
  • Option 2: CHINA MOBILE: Go to China Mobile shop near ICBC Bank on the campus. (further instruction needed)

2. Residence police verification and registration

For on-campus living:

  • Xing Qing Campus: Register at the West 13 dormitory (alternative name: building 25).
  • Innovation Harbour: Building B5/B6, international student dormitory.

For off-campus living (except Innovation Harbour): On arrival you must register your residency within 24hrs at the nearest police station, because you will need a slip from the police for your registration process.

Temporary hotel stays: The hotel reception should handle the residence registration automatically for you.

3. Make three photocopies of your documents. Then, proceed to registration ;)


Location: SIE

Look for your instructor designated on your admission notice in the School of International Education (SIE)

Note: After the SIE registration, don’t forget to go to complete the academic registration and meet your supervisor.

Resident Permit (RP) application

To apply for resident permit, please see How to apply for resident permit Location: (all RPs) The PSB, (1-year RP only) The west gate police station

Get a bank card/open a bank account (BOC, only the university branch)

Required documents:

  • Passport
  • Phone number

  • Xing Qing Campus: The only approved branch for XJTU foreign student is the BOC sub branch opposite the Cambridge canteen by the south east gate of the university.
  • Innovation Harbour: Unknown

Getting a student card

At the initial period just after registration, the new students will be provided a temporally student ID card, this is to enable you eat in school canteen and give you access to doors and gates. One or two weeks later you will be issued the permanent student ID card that will enable you create a net ID and register for your courses and carry out any process that requires ID card.